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UPGRADE (Development stage)


Upgrade is an audience participation Heist Sci-Fi Performance about a gang of people with disability who rob a military bionic equipment lab and then everything goes wrong.


Performed by performers with disabilities, this minimalistic Post-humanic performance immerses the audience in the life experiences of people with disabilities robbing a lan and life experiences as cyborgs running away. In both, they are never 'normal'.

Development stage funded by Mifaal Hapais, Israel.

Directed and written by: Iddo Gruengard

Art photography: Maya Baran

Performers: Ofra baba, Beja Nebaba, Viola Amit Gutman and Iddo Gruengard

"Original and professional idea application that uses the structure of Ocean 11 with a gang gf people with disabilities. This project is exactly what can change the perceptions of the audience regarding people with disabilities' social status and get them emotionally connected"

Gesher Film Fund jury


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