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Lectures and workshops

Our workshops and lectures invistigate the change society is experiencing with technology through the perspective of Disability-Arts. Our bodies and minds are being enhanced by the use of technology with pros and cons. The workshops include a creative process to reveal different layers, memories and identities within us with or without the use of technology and software (such as Isadora).

Some examples to different lectures and workshops I have given in the past:

  • "Upgrading the deconstructed art piece" - Bezalel Art Academy

  • "Walking as a disabled person" - Hebrew University Jerusalem

  • "Technology and Disability - The New Cyborgs" - Saloon for Post-Humanism, Tel-Aviv University

  • "Metamorphosing - Change Within Art" - Creative Mornings Tel Aviv

  • "Personal Space as a Politic Space" - Makom Laamanoot (A place for the arts) Gallery

  • ​"Performance as a Rehabilitation Tool" - The 20th International Symposium on Adapted Physical Activity - Wingate College

  • "Sexuality and change" - Negev Beer Sheva University

  • "Disability Arts a new trend" - Seminar Hakibutzim

  • "Interdisciplinary social workshop" - Shenkar college of Design

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