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During my life, I have been fortunatley supported by great people

and I supported some other great projects.



Other Projects I've worked in:                                                                      Practioners\students who have worked with me:

Projections tech (using Isadora)     

A Tale Under Two Moons - Rachel Upson

Memory Machines - Dalia Yassine

Metamorphosis - Photo shoot by Iris Viola

Body Image - Julliet Eccelet

Compassion - BA Communication Design, CSM

Transport for London ad via Visablepeople agency

Pre-Bard \ Post-Shard - Performing in an isnstallation directed by Aliki K.


Performance documentation   

' Time spent is not a wasted time'- Dance piece director\designer Kat Leung

Crystal Mette and the Fictions - Mette Sterre

Assitant Director    

Stand and Deliver - Musical comedy at Oxfam Festival by Wayne Gumble

Music Video Director 

Gloola (The pill) - Serene


Kat Leung - Movement director

Marko Turcich - Lighting

Mette Sterre - Costumes and documentation

Cristinia Espejo Vindel - Stop motion video

Dalia Yassine - Video of CCTV

Ronen Kozokaro - Music composition

Itamar Feig Raz - Graphic Design

Bethany Sumner - Live and recorded video (Version I)

Leonardo Pancione - Performer (Gregor)

Lucie Novak - Performer (Greta\wife)

Jackson D. Karrigan - Performer (Doctor\Clerk)

Kasha Bajor - Performer (Nurse)


All the course worked together

Alien scene:

Dramaturgy Team included

Mahana Moumoute - Music

Mette Sterre and Dorothy Melander-Dayton - Costumes

Dimitrios Vourakis - Performer (Father)

Georgia Kastiri - Performer (Mother)

Phadera Soutou - Performer (Daughter)

Athanasios Tompletonoktokaimisi - Performer (son)

Vicky kyriakoulakou - Performer (Maid)

Aurore Alexandra Marion - Performer (Intruder)

Sapiros Petousis - Performer (Intruder)


Pinter's Night     

Aliki K. - Lighting

Mette Sterre - Documentation

Dalia Yasine - Documentation

Hyesung Baek - Performer in Video - Version II

Laura Atherton - Performer (Woman)

Adam Nash - Performer (Man) - Version I

Guy Evans - Performer (Man) - Version II


Free the Building   

Rachel Upson - Production and Performer

Mette Sterre - Costumes, performer and co-editor

Lulu Elliot - Camera woman

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