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Israeli disabled fashion show

Disabled and Sexy


Dom, Tel-Aviv


A provocative and innovative fashion show with 15 top Israeli designers, involving models with disability with professional models. The show has led to a mass media coverage and adaptations around the world.

"The most important event of the year."

Haaretz Newspaer


Site specific Central Saint Martins

Free The Buiding


Central Saint Martins


A video documented site-specific performance. A political performance about lack of accessibility in the award winning building.

Performers reacted to the site with the use of movement in a wheelchair and roller blades to express shifts between fredoom and encagement.

The library was made accessible.


Adaptation of Harold Pinter Night

Pinter's Night


Central Saint Martins,

Canal Cafe Theatre 

(Camden Fringe Festival)


An immersive adaptation of Harold Pinter's sketch Night. The audience comes in as memories, fantasies and partners.


In the 2nd version, there was additional experimentation with video, site and other texts by Pinter.

"I need to implore the director and cast to seek a way to restage it, just so those hardy, brave souls who enjoy the same irreverent but beautifully worked plays can get in on the joke too". ★★★★★

Views From the Gods

Uk and Greece

(Uns)table multi media performance



Rabbit Hole, Athens

Embros, Athens

Platform Theatre, London


As part as a placement. A co-director and casting in a devised multi-media performance. 

(UNS)TABLE is an original performance piece loosely based on Pier Paulo Pasolini’s Teorema, which takes an ironic look at what happens when closed structures are infected by an outside influence.

"Yesterday was exhilarating and strong. a stimulating mind-fuck with a subtext, a meaning and a cause. wow!! thanks again!! there were times when the emotions were so strong i wanted to cry but it was definitely a cleansing moment for everyone in the audience. like a cultural tsunami that made us all better people."

Audience member in Athens

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